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SFPOC-TRAZTM is a compact design featuring high mechanical strength and fault current rating within a smaller diameter. This feature is achieved by using trapezoidal shaped aluminum clad steel wires which reduce the overall diameter of the cable without any reduction in electrical conducting area.
The smaller diameter of SFPOC-TRAZTM also results in excellent sag-tension performance of the OPGW. Installation of SFPOC-TRAZTMis straight forward utilizing standard OPGW hardware & equipment.
SFPOC-TRAZTM is custom designed to satisfy each customer£§s specified communication and groundwire requirements for short circuit current capacity, tensile strength, fiber count and fiber type while complying to ASTM, IEEE or IEC International Standards.
SFPOC provides with its products a comprehensive range of services, including OPGW hardware, installation supervision, type testing and training.
Cable Structure:
Optical Design Features
SFPOC-TRAZTM provides the type and number of optical fibers needed to meet customer£§s specific  requirements while complying to ITU-T Standards.
SFPOC-TRAZTM features optical fibers placed loosely in a hermetically sealed stainless steel tube containing a gel filling compound to form an optical unit.This tube provides protection to the optical fibers during installation and operation under severe enviroumental conditiond. Aluminum layer over the stainless steel tube is optional.
The optical fibers have low signal attenuation and wide band width allowing for long distance, high capacity communication.
Optical fibers are free from crosstalk and are not subjected to electromagnetic interference and polarization. They provide secure high quality signal transmission.
Groundwire Design Features
Aluminum-Clad Steel and Aluminum  Alloy wires are stranded around a central optical unit.
The aluminum clad steel wires are shaped trapezoidally around the optical unit to provide a compact construction.
The Aluminum-Clad Steel wires and Aluminum Alloy wires provide the mechanical strength to withstand installation and operating conditions, while achieving the conductivity needed to control temperature rise during short circuit fault conditions.

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