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The History of PLAST design
Since some customers in North America preferred segmental grounding system on OPGW cables, a demand for the PLAST design (optical fibers in non-metallic tubes) was generated. SFPOC started to develop this new construction in 2007 and validated the PLAST design in 2008.
SFPOC has supplied around 150 kms of PLAST design OPGW cables to an American customer named ¡°UPC¡± in 2008 and passed the type test on the same cable carried out in an internationally reputed test laboratory Kinectrics Inc. in Toronto, Canada (Report: K-419025-RC-0001-R00).
As of now, SFPOC has got four different PLAST designs type tested in independent laboratories. Full type test reports are available upon request.
Subsequently, as more customers in the USA found such an OPGW Design useful, SFPOC also got orders from and supplied to El Paso Electric and some other companies in the USA. We have also supplied PLAST design OPGW cables to Canada and India. Supply record for PLAST design cable is available upon request.
Plastic tube encased in a metallic Tube
SFPOC-PLASTTM  is a new OPGW that can be applied to a very high voltage power transmission system where induced current will not flow through ground wires.  non-metallic tubes placed in the aluminum tube insulates the metallic wires from the structures at the entry of spice box. SFPOC-PLASTTM helps in substantially reducing the loss due to circulation of induced current through the ground wire.
The cable ends of SFPOC-PLASTTM are easy to handle especially at the time of accessing the optical fibers for splicing. The non-metallic tube eliminates the risk of damage caused to the fibers by the edge of the metallic tube while removing it for splicing of fibers.
The SFPOC-PLASTTM OPGW cable is designed to meet the specific requirement of the user in respect to short circuit capacity, tensile strength, fiber count and fiber type complying to ASTM, IEC and IEEE standards.
SFPOC provides with its products a comprehensive range of services,including OPGW hardware, installationsupervision, type testing and training.
Cable Structure:
Optical Design Features
SFPOC-PLASTTM features optical fibers placed loosely in  plastic tubes embedded in a hermetically sealed  Aluminum tube.
The optical fibers have low signal attenuation and wide band width allowing for long distance, high capacity communication.
Optical fibers are free from crosstalk and are not subjected to electromagnetic interference and polarization. They provide secure high quality signal transmission.
Groundwire Design Features
Aluminum-Clad Steel and Aluminum Alloy wires are stranded around a central optical unit.
The Aluminum-Clad Steel wires and Aluminum Alloy wires provide the mechanical strength to withstand installation and operating condition, while achieving the conductivity needed to control temperature rise during short circuit fault conditions.
Typical Design
OPGW Fiber (Max) Diameter  Weight RBS Fault
part# Current
¡¡           mm             in        kg/km          lbs/ft             kN            lbs          kA2s
SFSJ-J-4062 36 13.4 0.528 521 0.35 82 18437 70
SFSJ-J-7670 24 14 0.551 600 0.403 94 21136 81
SFSJ-J-8302 36 14 0.551 530 0.356 67 15065 100
SFSJ-J-3874 48 14.6 0.575 636 0.427 101 22710 90
SFSJ-J-3861 48 16.6 0.654 720 0.484 100 22485 160
SFSJ-J-8119 96 17.6 0.693 810 0.544 104 23384 121
SFSJ-J-7981 72 18.4 0.724 1000 0.672 155 34851 230
SFSJ-J-3862 48 22.1 0.87 1130 0.759 65 14615 600
SFSJ-J-9781 48 14.8 0.583 518 0.348 70 15737 76.8
SFSJ-J-8953 48 17.1 0.673 865 0.581 120 26977 172.8
SFSJ-J-9779 48 18.1 0.713 681 0.458 71 15961 252.3
SFSJ-J-10054 96 18.1 0.713 629 0.423 67.4 15152 198.0
SFSJ-J-10055 96 16.0 0.630 551 0.370 70.0 15737 70.7
SFSJ-J-10056 96 17.9 0.705 842 0.566 120.0 26977 172.8

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