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1. General Information

Suzhou Furukawa Power Optic Cable Co. Ltd. (SFPOC) is a joint venture between The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. of Japan and Jiangsu Etern Group Company Ltd. of China, incorporated under the
laws of the People¨s Republic of China. SFPOC is registered to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Standards.
Registered Office: Luxu Industry Zone,
Linhu Economic District, Wujiang
Jiangsu Province, 215211, China.
Tel: 86-512-6327-3776 / Fax: 86-512-6327-1580
Web site:?http:// www.sfpoc.com
Plant:?Luxu Industry Zone,
Linhu Economic District, Wujiang
Jiangsu Province, 215211, China.
Tel: 86-512-6327-3776 / Fax: 86-512-6327-1580
SFPOC is one of the major manufacturers of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW).
SFPOC is an integrated company offering OPGW products, hardware, accessories and services.
SFPOC has earned registration under the ISO quality standards through its demonstrated abilities in
design, manufacturing and organizational structure.
SFPOC is supported by the technical and financial strength of its parent company, The Furukawa
Electric Company of Japan, to excel in today¨s global market.

2. Commercial Capability

SFPOC specializes in design and manufacture of loose tube Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) to serve
customers all over the world.
The scope of work SFPOC can provide is the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of Optical
Ground Wire (OPGW).
Associated services include the supply of ADSS/FOC cables, accessories and tools, technical support
and supervision of installation.

3. Production Capacity 

13000 Km of Optical Fiber Ground Wire (OPGW) per year.

4. Technical and Technological Capability 

The design technology is fundamentally based on engineering criteria as provided by our parent company, the Furukawa Electric Company Limited of Japan. Design engineering of the product is by highly experienced SFPOC engineers. This engineering is facilitated by means of custom designed software, which has been verified by a manual process in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 program requirements. It has been proven by wide-ranging type testing.

Marketing and Sales is administered by the executives as listed below, under the supervision of the President. They are also responsible for the design of the OPGW.
The key persons involved in this respect are as follows:
Mr. Nozomu Fukuda C President, responsible for overall management, finance and coordinate all
activities in regard to execution of export contracts with more than 15 years of experience. Mr. Fukuda has been deputed to SFPOC from Furukawa, Japan.
Mr. Shuichiro Homma C CFO, responsible for financial affairs, commercial (including insurance,delivery), procurement of raw materials, G&A and H&R affaires.
Mr. Keiji Nakayama C Chief Production Officer, responsible for production, equipment maintenance and process engineering with more than 15 years of experience. Mr. Nakayama has been deputed to SFPOC from Furukawa, Japan.
Mr. DaiHe C Senior Manager of TD and QA Dept. - responsible for product design and development,
and quality assurance with more than 10 years of experience in OPGW.
Mr. Sanjib Dutta C Director (Overseas Marketing), responsible for design, business development and marketing of SFPOC OPGW outside China having more than 20 years of experience in cables and conductors including 12 years of experience in design, estimation, business development and sales of OPGW for Furukawa. Mr. Dutta is located in Toronto, Canada.
In addition to the above key persons several qualified engineers and commercial experts from Furukawa Japan are associated with SFPOC for design, manufacture and supply of OPGW, accessories and after sales service.
Research and design improvement is an important part of SFPOC activities. Any new design is confirmed by the manufacture and testing of prototype designs at independent laboratories. The design of our product is standardized and controlled by established procedures and use of our software design and system process program.

Human Resources

SFPOC employs 5 senior managers, 7 intermediate officers, 35 administrative personnel and 128 production employees. We maintain an in -house training program to ensure that personnel can perform the required tasks.

Production equipment and machinery is as follows:




Coloring line.


Coloring Optical fiber

Optical Tubing Line -5 nos. (3 for SUS and 2 for AL tubing for making Dual or Plast type OPGW )


Prepare stainless steel optical tubes with optical fibers inside the tube and welding the tube.

Wire Strander


Apply metallic wire strands to form the cable

Wire Rewinder


Rewinding cables and intermediate products

PBT Tubing Line


PBT Tubing to make fiber PBT cable

Inspection and Testing

SFPOC possess state of the art test machines and equipment as listed below to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished product at various stages of the manufacturing process.
List of Test Equipment






Optical attenuation, Optical length

Resistance bridge



Torsion machine


Torsion test, Wrapping test

Tensile machine


Tensile test and on single wire

Optical microscope


Thickness of Al layer

Fusion splicer


Splice loss test

Temperature chamber


Temperature cycling test, seepage test

Integrated optical measurement system


Stress-Strain test, Chromatic dispersion

Integrated optical measurement system


MFD, Cutoff wavelength, attenuation spectrum

PMD measurement system



Optical fiber geometry


Geometry of optical fiber

Cable tensile machine


Breaking load, Stress-strain test

L-type water tank


Water ingress test

Cone penetration


Cone penetration

Drop point


Cone penetration

There are no subcontractors employed by SFPOC, or subcontracted processes other than the supply of raw materials, hardware accessories and transportation services as required.

Quality System

Upon request, the following documents are available:
Company Quality Assurance Manual
Inspection and Test plan
Copies of our quality certificates

For additional information and details please refer to our Brochure and Supply Record.

Adress: Luxu Industry Zone,Linhu Economic District.  TEL0512-63272807  FAX0512-63271580
Zip Code215211 E-mail: Design@sfpoc-opgw.com